A sound palette designed by working composers for you, the modern composer.


"I could write more and more about SOLE but simply the proof is in the quality. The demos are great and make you instantly want to dive in. This is a great toolkit for any composer regardless of skill and level. Can I imagine this on high-end movie productions and trailers? Most certainly. Is it a great library for hobbyists? Definitely. For such a low price point, the content is fantastic but above all else, the instruments and sound design are top-tier quality. An excellent first library from newcomers Fingerprint Audio."

Pete Checkley (Sample Library Review)

SOLE Walkthrough
Nico Schuele

SOLE Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough for SOLE, your ultimate tool for modern scoring. SOLE is out now and available at https://www.fingerprint-audio.com With 70 instruments spanning 13 categories including both sound design elements and organic patches, SOLE caters to the modern media composer. Whether you work under tight deadlines or are in need of the perfect tone for your next film score, SOLE will provide the inspiration that you need packaged in an easy-to-use interface. Made by working composers for working composers, this one of a kind instrument is designed to fit a wide variety of scenarios. From the bombastic epic trailer track to the soft romance underscore, SOLE has you covered. 00:00 Intro 00:35 SOLE in context 01:47 Facts, requirements and price 02:48 Library organisation 03:10 Acoustic category 03:24 User interface 03:59 Arpeggiator 04:45 The Photosynthesis engine 07:25 The Drowning Piano 09:08 The Drowning Celesta 10:50 The Drowning Glassophone 11:06 The Drowning Guitar 12:32 Cymbals, hits, rolls and scrapes 13:05 War Drums 13:55 The step-sequencer with the War Drums 14:43 Braams 15:27 Changing the tuning 16:28 Downers 17:38 Hits & Whooshbangs 18:40 Sub hits 19:08 Pings 20:20 Low pulses and pulse glitches 23:03 The Shepard Tones 25:02 Tempo-synced risers 26:27 Whooshes 27:00 Signature patches 29:11 Sub bass 30:11 Little sub bass trick 30:37 Synths & curated presets 31:20 Installing the curated presets 32:10 Listening to some synth patches 38:08 Outro

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